Friday, November 25, 2011

Embroidery Questions Answered: Unacceptable Artwork?

Have a great idea for custom embroidered hats? Did you struggle to get your design on paper only to hear that your decorator can't use your artwork? Why not?

Although your design may look good to you it may not be usable as artwork for embroidery. Here are some possible issues:

1. Low Resolution - Artwork is used as a template for an embroidery set-up. If the resolution is too low it can become too pixelated when zooming to see small details.

2. Too Detailed - Most left chest logos are 3.25" - 4" wide. If you create a detailed design on a much larger scale then most likely it can't be scaled down without eliminating some detail. Often that's easily accomplished but sometimes important elements must be eliminated.

3. Unacceptable File Type - Artwork must be opened in the digitizer's embroidery software. Unusual file formats can't always be opened. Sometimes files can be converted to another format but not always.

4. Doc / Docx/ PPT Files Aren't Accepted - Files created in word processing software can appear differently when opened in another system. Unwanted changes can effect fonts, colors and other elements

5. Incomplete Or Unclear - More information is needed to understand what you want. This often happens when verbal changes are added to a design and its difficult to visualize what is meant.

How do you get your artwork fixed so its suitable for an embroidery set-up? Ask you embroiderer what the specific problems are and if you can't fix them yourself hire a graphic designer to make the changes.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Embroidered Logo: Use Small Text?

Have small text in your logo? Don't want to eliminate it from your embroidered logo? What are your options? If you don't want to remove small text consider these possibilities:

  • Enlarge the text

  • Change to a more readable font such as a block

  • Change to a thread color that contrasts well against the background

  • Simplify the text

  • Divide text between two lines

What if the text just won't fit? Consider having it embroidered in another location such as the sleeve or below the collar.

Use Letterhead For Embroidered Logo?

You're thinking about ordering custom embroidered polos. You don't have a logo but you do have a letterhead logo. Can it be used for an embroidered logo? It depends.

Many letterheads are horizontally orientated. If that is the case and the text is lengthy most likely the header design will need to be rearranged or simplified to work for a left chest logo. Then, although your embroidered logo won't mirror your letterhead, it will be recognizable and readable. Not sure how to adjust your letterhead so it will work for embroidery? Ask your embroiderer! They can suggest possible solutions.

Stock Embroidery Designs - What's the Stitch?

Stock embroidery designs are pre-made designs in stitch format available for almost any subject. They are commonly used for gifts, clubs, sports teams and school logos. Stock designs are great for groups that want to keep costs down and don't want to be involved in designing a logo.

Designs are organized by category and are available in specific sizes. Stock designs can be customized by changing thread colors and adding text. Some designs can be resized slightly although its best to pick a design that's already sized to meet your needs. When choosing a design remember what size you need (ask your embroiderer if unsure) and don't forget to leave room for text if its to be added!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Embroidery Created Equally?

Is all embroidery created equally – NO! The quality of embroidery can vary greatly. What should you look for when judging embroidery quality?

  • When setting up your order does the embroiderer ask questions about the colors, sizing and placement of the logo?
  • Are your questions answered before your logo is embroidered?
  • Can you request sample shirts to check sizing before placing your final order?
  • Are you able to approve a proof before your order is processed? Can you request an embroidered sample shirt or hat?
  • Is your order received in an organized and timely manner? Are your shirts steamed and neatly folded?
  • Is your embroidery beautifully stitched in the correct thread colors? Did you receive the correct sizes? Is the quality of the garments as good as you expected?
If the quality of the garments, embroidery and service doesn't meet your standards then its time to look for a new embroiderer!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Businesses: Need a Budget-Friendly Polo?

Need a budget-friendly polo that suits everyones needs? The silk touch K500 polo is a versatile, cost-minded sport shirt that looks great, is comfortable and wears well. Why is this a popular polo choice for businesses? Its available in toddler through adult sizes, including tall and extended sizes up to 10X, it has different style options including long sleeves, pockets, long sleeves with pockets, sleeveless and 3/4 length sleeves for ladies and it comes in thirty-two colors. Need a polo that color-coordinates with a button down shirt? No problem, the K500 coordinates with the S608/L608 (long sleeve) and S508/L508 (short sleeve) oxford style shirts for men and women so your group can maintain a uniform appearance!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Embroidered Logo Tips:

Need coordinating styles? Sport shirts with and without pockets? Golf shirts that coordinate with long sleeve button down shirts? A fleece style available in youth through adult 4X? Baseball caps that match polo shirts? Ask your embroiderer! They'll direct you to styles that satisfy your needs.

Want a particular text style for your custom embroidered hats but don't want to pay more for the set-up? Show your embroider what you need and most likely they'll have a similar font in their stock collection.

Tag line text too small for your embroidered logo? Must you eliminate it? Removing small text is often the best option because it allows more room for other elements to be enlarged. But, if you really need your tag line consider:
  • enlarging small text - often proportions of different elements must be adjusted for embroidered logos
  • dividing text into two lines - allows you to increase font size
  • changing the font - choose a more readable font such as a san serif font
  • changing the text color - changing to a thread color that contrasts well against the background will improve readability
Have questions about your embroidery order? Ask your embroiderer!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Embroidered Logo Check: Too Much Text!

You've been preparing to start your new business for weeks. You finally decided what to put in your logo. You email your design to an embroiderer for a shirt quote. You receive a response but its not what you expected. It says you have too much information! What? Are you sure?

You just included the essential details - business name, tag line, location and phone along with a small image. Although you explain that all the elements are essential your embroiderer reminds you that the space in a left chest logo is limited and the more text you include the smaller your business name will be and besides, no one remembers a phone number from seeing a left chest logo anyway....

What should you do? Eliminate details such as your location and phone number. Focus on your business name and possibly a small image and add a short tag line if there's room. Don't be concerned about filling all the space in the embroidery area. Instead, give your business name more attention by emphasizing it with plenty of space so it stands out and is readable.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Advertize Your Business Wherever You Go: Embroidered Vests

Popular Thread Colors: Are there popular thread colors for embroidered logos? Yes! As you might guess shades of green are "in" now - especially light greens. White is also a current favorite. White print against a dark background looks good but white thread doesn't always have the same affect because every individual strand is noticeable. Your embroiderer can add topping to improve the appearance or use silver thread instead. Silver thread will look "white" without the imperfections.

Promotional Give-away: Need a give-away that will be worn and seen? Have polar fleece vests embroidered with your business logo. Vests provide an extra layer of warmth whether worn under a jacket or over a sweatshirt. Everyone will love the soft and cozy feel of custom embroidered polar fleece vests.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Embroidered Logo Tips: Collar Logos?

Embroider your business logo on a polo shirt collar? It sounds like a good idea but make sure you aren't trying to fit too many stitches into a small area. Remember - at the most you'll have 1" height. Keep it simple by using just a name or basic image and save the rest for your left chest logo!

Unsure about ordering custom embroidery on line? Pricing should be better but how can you make sure the shirt style will work? Request sample shirts to checkout styling and sizing. Want to verify the embroidery quality? Have an embroidered sample mailed to you so you can check the overall sizing, readability and thread colors.

Need an inexpensive way to advertise your business during the colder months? Distribute custom embroidered knit caps and beanies to your employees, friends and family. Wearing embroidered apparel is a great way to inexpensively advertise your business wherever you go!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Logo Embroidery Questions: Docx Files Accepted?

Can Word files be used as artwork for an embroidery set-up? Doc/docx files are "word" rather than "image" files. They aren't particularily good at maintaining proportions and colors so they can't be depended on to accurately present a logo. Also, they can automatically substitute fonts when a needed font isn't installed in the viewer's system and thus change the look of a design. Finally, Word images are low resolution images so small details may be difficult to see if the image is resized.

What's the best solution if you only have a docx file and you want to use that file for an embroidery set-up? If the file contains only text, have it recreated in an artwork program. What if the file contains an image? Either vectorize (convert to line art) it or have it redrawn in an artwork program so you have clean art for your embroidery set-up. Either way, be sure to approve a jpeg version of your new artwork file before it is set-up for embroidery.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embroidered Logo: Size It Right!

You are in charge of ordering embroidered button down shirts for XYZ business. You'll need to approve a digital proof. How can you be sure your logo is sized correctly? Your best bet is to pick an experienced embroiderer because they'll know what size will work. What are the considerations when sizing a logo?

First, the overall size of a heart logo (small front logo) is 3.25" - 3.75" wide and/or tall. Sometimes if a logo is horizontally orientated and not very tall, 4" wide works better. Generally speaking, you'll want to preserve the correct proportions in your design but what happens with tag line text that is too small to read after your logo is sized to 4" wide? You can either increase the size of the text so it is proportionally larger, split the tag line into two lines or eliminate it.

Another common diliema is how wide should a "tall" logo be? In this case, you're usually better if your design isn't too wide so the overall size isn't too big. What if all your text can't be clearly read? This may indicate the need to eliminate at least one of the elements so the remaining items can be enlarged or given more surronding space. Finally, what is the proper "reading" distance for an embroidered logo? Three feet!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Embroidered Logo Tips: Duplicate Design?

Need to copy an existing embroidered design? Your group has custom embroidered sweatshirts they've ordered before and want to order again but your previous decorator is no longer in business. Can another embroiderer duplicate your design without having the original digitized file?

Yes, with the right information. In addition to your artwork, supply your decorator with an embroidered sweatshirt so they can see the thread colors, overall size and stitch types in your design. A sample will illustrate how your design was interpreted into stitch format. With this knowledge details such as border thicknesses, text spacing and tag line sizing will match your existing embroidered logo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Logo Embroidery Explained

Go offcenter! Want a new look for your custom embroidered hats? If your embroidered logo isn't too wide and is 2" high or less consider an off center placement and attract attention to your business logo!

Looking for a budget-friendly polo that lasts? Ask your embroiderer! The cheapest shirts aren't necessarily as durable as styles that are slightly more expensive. Your embroiderer can recommend a polo shirt that will suit your needs and be the best buy for your buck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Logo Embroidery Explained

What is LT? "LT" indicates size "large tall". A size LT polo shirt is sized like a L with an additional 2" - 3" inches length in the sleeves and torso.

Youth Sized Logos: Can an embroidered logo be decreased in size to accommodate toddler and youth-sized shirts? Most logos can be decreased by 10% to 20% for toddler and youth sizes.

Replace Design? Can a design embroidered on a jacket be replaced with a new design? Usually not. Although it may be possible to remove the unwanted stitches often the material will be somewhat damaged by the remaining needle holes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Promote Your Business: Logo Embroidery Explained

Pique Polos: As you search through garment catalogues looking for the perfect polo for your embroidered logo you'll see the word "pique". What does that mean? Pique refers to the type of fabric used in the shirt. Unlike jersey knit fabric which is a flat-looking, T-shirt-like fabric, pique is a textured, looser weave that is commonly used for polo shirts. For many years pique polos were considered the preferred polo although the newer moisture-wicking performance polos are becoming increasingly popular.

Add Text? You have polos embroidered with your business logo but you've recently decided to add a tag line. Can your new tag line be added to your embroidered logo? Text can be added to an embroidered logo but its hard to get the right placement so its looks correct. Also, your original logo was sized for a small chest logo and adding more text may make your logo too large. Another option is to have one of the sleeves embroidered with your tag line. This way your text can be added without disrupting your original logo.