Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Embroidery Created Equally?

Is all embroidery created equally – NO! The quality of embroidery can vary greatly. What should you look for when judging embroidery quality?

  • When setting up your order does the embroiderer ask questions about the colors, sizing and placement of the logo?
  • Are your questions answered before your logo is embroidered?
  • Can you request sample shirts to check sizing before placing your final order?
  • Are you able to approve a proof before your order is processed? Can you request an embroidered sample shirt or hat?
  • Is your order received in an organized and timely manner? Are your shirts steamed and neatly folded?
  • Is your embroidery beautifully stitched in the correct thread colors? Did you receive the correct sizes? Is the quality of the garments as good as you expected?
If the quality of the garments, embroidery and service doesn't meet your standards then its time to look for a new embroiderer!

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