Saturday, June 28, 2008

Information To Order Embroidered Shirts?

You’ve decided to order Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts. What information do you need to place your order besides sizes and quantities? Here are some details to consider:

Size – Who will wear the shirts: men, women or children? Do you need tall or extended sizes?

Style – What general style do you need: polo shirts, button down dress shirts, ladies knit or camp shirts? Do you need different neckline options?

Color – Need an unusual color?

Details – What details do you want: pockets, contrast trim, long sleeves, coordinating short and long sleeve styles?

Fabric – Do you need a particular fabric: cotton, blend or 100% polyester? Do you want a performance fabric such as wrinkle-free, dry fit or moisture management?

Fit – Need a fitted style that has spandex or darts for the women?

Feel - Want a very soft fabric?

Past Issues – Fading, or shrinkage? Too hot? Sizing problems?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Buy Organic Cotton Polo Shirts?

Organic cotton polos are more expensive. Why buy them? Do they feel better or are they better for the environment? Organic cotton polo shirts are made from cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to the environment, wildlife, farmers and surrounding community. Unlike conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton farmers are required to utilize farming methods that add nutrients back into the soil by practicing yearly crop rotation. This practice raises the organic content in the soil. This increased organic content helps produce a more naturally balanced soil that has better moisture retention and beneficial insects. Although the initial conversion to organic farming is expensive the long term advantages are well worth the investment. When you wear Custom Embroidered Organic Cotton Polo Shirts you know you’re helping to create a healthier environment.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pocket Polos – Where Should Your Logo Be Located?

Most business logos are located above the pocket on Custom Embroidered Pocket Polo Shirts. You may have seen a small design such as a monogram on a pocket but most business logos are too large to fit on a pocket.

Embroidering a logo above the pocket isn’t a problem except if your logo needs to be seen at all times and if items in the pocket such as rulers, pens and paper aren’t covering your logo. What are your options?

1. Raise your logo
2. Locate your logo on the right chest side
3. Have your logo embroidered on a patch that is sewn on the pocket
4. Have a second embroidery location such as on a sleeve

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Advantages of Embroidery?

So, what are the advantages of embroidery? Embroidery thread catches the light and gives the design a three-dimensional quality. Although embroidered text can’t be as small as printed text, the satin stitches used to create text give the logo a rich look that has a higher perceived value. Also, different thread colors can be used in a logo without increasing the cost unlike screen printing where each color means adding an additional screen charge.

How do you choose whether custom embroidery or screen printing is better for you? Base your decision on what type of garment is being decorated and what is the purpose of the decoration. If you want to advertise your business name, location and phone number around town while you run your weekly errands; screen printing will work for you. Simplify your front design and add the details in a full back design. If you need shirts for a business presentation choose embroidered dress shirts or nice quality polo shirts to create the right image.