Thursday, February 26, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Cottony Performance Polo?

Love the cozy feel of cotton but can't do without the moisture-wicking qualities of performance polo shirts? The K568 polo is a stylish 5.7-ounce performance polo made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex jersey.  This added spandex gives this polo a cottony look and feel with a touch of stretch.  You'll also appreciate this strong performer's tag-free label and open hem sleeves. Your logo will look sharp embroidered on this tightly woven fabric so don't miss the chance to advertise your business where ever you go with custom embroidered performance polos!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: JPEG Background?

Time to update your spring business wardrobe?  You've chosen some performance polo shirts. You upload your artwork to your embroiderer's site.  But, when you create your design mock-up your logo is surrounded by a white rectangle! Will your embroiderer know to remove the white area?

While its good to mention concerns to your embroiderer they'll know to eliminate the white jpeg background.  But, you should discuss white areas within your logo.  Your embroiderer will want to know if the fabric should show through these areas or be embroidered in white thread. Sometimes this is obvious but often a design can be interpreted either way so its best to mention how your logo should be set-up so it doesn't have to be redone.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Simplify Eliminate Contrast

Ordering polar fleece jackets for your business staff?  Want your custom embroidered polar fleece to look GREAT? Start by adjusting your artwork.

1. Simplify your logo
2. Eliminate small text
3. Contrast thread colors with fleece color

There is a tendency for thread to sink into plush fabrics like polar fleece so you may want to slightly increase the overall size of your design to improve readability.

Having button down shirts embroidered? You may include your tagline text. Small text can be embroidered on tightly woven fabrics because the thread will sit on the top of the fabric and be clearly seen rather than sinking in and getting "lost". So, if your tagline is short and your logo isn't too detailed you can include your tagline but don't go overboard. When in doubt, leave small text out.  This will allow more room for the most important element in your logo - your BUSINESS NAME.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Polos With Stretch?

Dreading the summer's heat? Need a budget-friendly performance polo? The K540 (men's) / L540 (ladies) polo is a 100% snag-resistant performance polo shirt that will keep you cool without breaking your budget. Its moisture-wicking, resists fading, has a tag-free label, dyed-to-match buttons and open sleeves. You'll love its range of 16 brilliant colors like lime, pink raspberry and teal green.  Best of all it comes in tall, long sleeve and youth sizes too.  Have your logo embroidered on K540 polos and you'll have custom embroidered performance polo shirts that will help build your business identity!