Sunday, October 27, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Second Logo Placement?

Want to add a second embroidered logo to your embroidered shirts? Wondering where it should be located?

The two most common secondary logo locations are on the right chest side (across from your original logo) or on a sleeve. Placing the second logo on the right front side will give it more visibility but it may detract from the look of your left chest logo. Using a right or left sleeve placement is popular but may not work if your logo has small detail because sleeve logos are limited to a smaller size. Which sleeve is best? Most people prefer the right sleeve because they feel it balances well with the left chest logo but left sleeve placement is also popular.

A third less popular option is to have the secondary logo embroidered on the back of the shirt just below the collar. In this case you may want to make the logo slightly bigger than the left chest logo so it doesn’t look too small against the back of the shirt.