Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Logo Embroidery Questions: Docx Files Accepted?

Can Word files be used as artwork for an embroidery set-up? Doc/docx files are "word" rather than "image" files. They aren't particularily good at maintaining proportions and colors so they can't be depended on to accurately present a logo. Also, they can automatically substitute fonts when a needed font isn't installed in the viewer's system and thus change the look of a design. Finally, Word images are low resolution images so small details may be difficult to see if the image is resized.

What's the best solution if you only have a docx file and you want to use that file for an embroidery set-up? If the file contains only text, have it recreated in an artwork program. What if the file contains an image? Either vectorize (convert to line art) it or have it redrawn in an artwork program so you have clean art for your embroidery set-up. Either way, be sure to approve a jpeg version of your new artwork file before it is set-up for embroidery.

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