Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Missed Opportunities!

Embroidery companies just embroider shirts, right? No way! Branch-out from your usual mode of just ordering embroidered shirts and extend your advertising!

Have you considered embroidered sweaters or polar fleece pullovers for your office team? Embroidered jackets for your delivery personnel? Aprons for your trade show demonstration people?  Embroidered beanies for your next giveaway? Strengthen your business branding by displaying your logo wherever you and your staff goes!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Your Embroidered Designs: Hook the Right Design!

Need a replacement for your Dad’s well-worn fishing jacket?  Want to duplicate the left chest embroidered design but you don’t have the design and you can’t contact the original embroiderer? What should you do?

The image may be a stock embroidery design. These designs are sold by design companies and are cheaper to purchase than having a design digitized (converted into stitch format) from artwork. How do you know if you have a stock embroidery design?  Show it to an experienced embroiderer. They’ll have a good idea if that’s the case and if you’re lucky they might know which company sells your particular design. But, since there are thousands of designs that probably won’t be the situation.  What next?  Have your embroiderer suggest sites where you might find your design. Although you may not see your exact design you may locate one that is very close and it will look great on that new fishing jacket!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Promote Your Business: Tips

Designing your embroidered logo?  Give proper attention to the most important word or words in your business name. Avoid the temptation to allow a general or personal name the most emphasis while leaving little space for text that describes what you do.  For example, if your business name is "First Stop Security" make "Security" large enough to be easily read in a left chest-sized logo so everyone understands what type of service you provide.

Need a certain color in your embroidered logo?  If you don't know the PMS number and can't send an example of the color  (a business card may work) then request that different embroidered samples be sent so you.

Need an inexpensive way to promote your food service business? Consider Custom Embroidered Aprons. Aprons are easy to care for, you won't have sizing issues and your logo can be larger than the typical shirt logo!