Saturday, November 10, 2012

Your Embroidered Logo: Artwork Issues

Need to create artwork in a word processing software program such as Microsoft Word? Careful - you might get unexpected results. Word processing programs are designed to handle text and aren't as capable of managing fonts, colors and images as artwork programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. What problems can occur?  Files can be misinterpreted when opened on another computer system and your design won't look right. How can you prevent this? If you can't switch to an artwork program then have your decorator email you a screen shot of your design so you know what your file looks like on his system.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Your Branded Apparel: Logo Colors

What is one of  primary pitfalls facing business owners when choosing shirts for custom embroidery? Wanting shirts that are the same color as one of the colors in their logo. Can that work? Yes, depending on how the logo is handled.

One option is to eliminate one of colors in the logo and use that color for the shirt color. For example, if your colors are royal, red and silver and your logo can be simplified to a two color design in royal and silver then it can be embroidered on red shirts. 

Another solution is to use an inner logo color (color that's surrounded by contrasting color(s) as the shirt color.  This adds emphasis to the logo but not all logos can be dealt with this way.

Sometimes a contrasting border is added behind a logo element so it will stand out against a similar background. This works well if there is space but often the logo is too detailed for this.

Another option is to add a neutral color such as white, black, silver or grey and use the remaining color as the shirt color. Not happy with those options? You may need to reconsider the shirt color if you want your logo to be seen.