Sunday, May 9, 2010

Commercial Embroidery Tips: Camo Colors?

Picking camo style baseball caps was the natural choice for your hunt club but what about the thread colors and font? What thread colors and font types look best on camouflage material? While camo patterns range from earth tones to shades of blue or pink the reasoning for making the correct design choice is the same. If you want a subtle look, choose a less prominent shade in the camo pattern. If a high contrast look is preferred, choose a color that contrasts well with the colors in the pattern.

When considering fonts pick a font with wide columns for readable text. Fonts with narrow columns and fine serifs will be hard to read against a multi-colored background. Make sure your design is big and bold. A finely-detailed logo will tend to be lost against a multi-colored background especially if the thread colors don't contrast well with the camo background.