Saturday, May 31, 2008

Artwork for Screen Printing & Embroidery – The Same?

Artwork for screen printing and embroidery is the same, right? WRONG! Generally speaking, you can screen print finer detail than you can embroider. That small text with the black outline won’t work for embroidery. You’ll have a cleaner design if you eliminate the outline and enlarge the lettering. Can’t enlarge the text? Then maybe you should eliminate it. What about that great font you found with the narrow column widths and serifs. It might look sharp when printed but fine detail won’t show up well when embroidered on pique Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts where there is a tendency for the stitches to sink into the fabric.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Green Polos?

Gone green with your polo shirts? I don’t mean choosing polos in a shade of green such as forest, hunter or pistachio. I mean are you wearing a polo made from a green fabric such as bamboo or organic cotton? If you haven’t gone GREEN you need to check out the advantages of purchasing green polo shirts.

First – bamboo. Why buy Embroidered Bamboo Polo Shirts? Bamboo can be constructed into a wonderful fabric that has these natural properties:
  • Anti-microbial
  • UV resistant
  • Absorbent

Polo shirts constructed from bamboo are easy to care for. They can be machine washed even though they have a silk-like appearance. Growing bamboo is easy on the environment because it requires little water, no chemicals and it matures quickly. You’ll love wearing bamboo polo shirts because the material is soft to the touch and it’ll keep you cool and comfortable by helping to regulate your body temperature.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Screen Printed Polos?

Sometimes a customer will request a quote for Custom Embroidered Basic Polo Shirts and they’ll ask for an embroidery and a screen printing price. Why? They want embroidery but they want to see how much cheaper screen printing will be. Screen printing is great for T’s, sweats and jackets but it tends to cheapen the look of polo shirts and hats. Although you might save some money by having your polo shirts screen printed in the long run you’ll loose more by having created a lesser image for your business. Resist the temptation to save a few dollars on shirts while loosing big on advertising. Wearing custom embroidered polo shirts is one of the least expensive forms of advertising. Don’t create the wrong impression by choosing screen printing for polo shirts!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Uneven Text?

You’re viewing an embroidery file that your embroiderer emailed. It contains the embroidery set-up for your Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts. When looking closely at the text and you notice that it looks uneven and some letters are taller than others. Will your text embroider unevenly? Most likely not. When setting up embroidery the digitizer must accommodate for the push and pull of embroidery by adjusting the length of letters and other elements in an embroidered logo. Depending on the shape of the letter, some letters must be lengthened to compensate for this so they will be even when embroidered.