Sunday, January 27, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Sleeve Design Impact!

Have additional text to add to your custom logo? Want to include a company slogan or website? How about a sponsor's logo?  Introducing a new product? Want to add names, numbers or celebrate an anniversary?   All of these items can to added in a sleeve design.

Having too much information in a left chest logo can make it hard to read and detract from its impact.  But, including additional text or a logo on a sleeve can make the difference between a typical embroidered shirt and a custom shirt that is noticed. Concerned that multiple designs will be too much for one shirt?  Keep in mind that most viewers won't see both a left chest and a sleeve design simultaneously. Increase your branding power by adding sleeve designs to your custom embroidered shirts!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: New Looks For Ladies

Need fresh ideas for ladies work wear? From new button down styles to stylish cover ups women have many fashion conscious options. Soft cardigans and flattering shrugs provide comfortable, versatile additions in a layered look. Feminine necklines and gently shaped silhouettes provide a variety of suitable choices. Button down blouses with V-necks, ruffles and three quarter length sleeves add a feminine twist to a classic business look. Subtle stripes, checks and plaids add variety to today's wardrobe. Top off your look with a well-designed embroidered logo and you've created a updated advertising tool that women will want to wear!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your Embroidered Hats: Provide Your Hats?

Purchased some cheap hats for embroidery?  Got a great price but getting them embroidered hasn't been easy? Why are embroiderers reluctant to accept customer-provided hats?

Unlike flat items such as shirts and jackets, hats must be hooped on a circular frame.  If a hat fits the embroiderer's frame then the job should run smoothly but since hats come in thousands of different shapes and sizes many styles don't fit the embroiderer's equipment very well. While some hats are only slightly off  others are nearly impossible to embroider well and can be very frustrating to handle. How do embroiderers deal with this problem?  Many decide to only sell styles that they know will fit their machine so they can avoid potenial problems.

So, how about the hats you've already purchased? Can you find an embroiderer who will embroider them and do a good job?  Yes, with a little more searching and time spent running a sample you should find an embroidered who will do a good job running your hats. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Tailored Ladies Polos?

Looking for tailored, feminine fit in a women's polo? The traditional, relaxed or "classic" fit ladies polo often provides the best fit for most large groups but if you need a more tailored, fitted shirt then Nike Golf offers some good choices.

Is bigger better? When it comes to left chest logos bigger isn't necessarily better.  Most left chest logos are four inches wide or less.  Larger logos can look overwhelming and out of place especially on smaller sized shirts where there isn't much width between the sleeve and placket seams. If four inches wide seems too limiting then you may need to simplify your logo and add additional text in another location such as on a sleeve or back design,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Embroidered Logos: Tints, Gradations, Shadows...

Tints, color gradations, shadows and fine outlines can make your printed logo look cool but do these effects work for embroidered logos?  Possibly not.  Often these elements must be simplified or eliminated.  Tints must be translated into a color, gradations simplified to one color, shadows translated into a color or eliminated and fine outlines widened or eliminated. Concerned that your embroidered logo may look boring?  Although many embroidered logos can't contain all the fine details seen in printed logos, embroidery thread has its own ability to "catch the light" and will give your logo its own unique appearance.