Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Questions Answered

If an embroidered design has a high density does that mean its a high-quality design?

No. Embroidery density is often too high. This causes designs to be "bullet-proof". A quality embroidered design has the proper density that covers the fabric without creating holes or wrinkles.

When you pay for artwork should you receive a copy of your artwork?

Yes. Make sure you receive copies of your artwork including copies in file formats you can't open. Don't depend on the artist to keep your artwork for you.

Can you achieve a custom branded look without a large financial investment?

Yes. If you just need a few shirts for a small group and your logo is fairly simple consider picking 2-3 shirt colors and using these colors for your logo colors. For example, choose red, white and blue shirts and have your logo embroidered in the two colors that contrast with each shirt color so the white shirts have a red and blue logo, the red shirts have a blue and white logo and the blue shirts have and red and white logo.