Sunday, December 26, 2010

Embroidered Logos: Include Phone?

Deciding whether to include your phone number in your embroidered logo? Don't!

Many new businesses want to include their phone number in their embroidered logo so local customers can contact them. But, heart-sized embroidered logos are too small for this type of detail. Most people don't see chest logos long enough to remember a phone number while the additional text occupies valuable space that could be used for your business name.

Instead of promoting your business adding your number will most likely make your name less readable while giving the impression that your business is "just starting". Is that what you want? Still unsure? Picture the big name logos - Coca Cola, Frito Lay, Sony... Do these logos contain a phone number?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advertize Inexpensively: Cold Weather Embroidery?

Wearing embroidered polo shirts when its warm outside is a great way to advertise inexpensively but what do you do during the winter months? How do you get the word out about your business when its freezing outside?

Choose embroidered jackets, heavy sweatshirts, vests and polar fleece! Custom embroidered outerwear makes a great gift for employees and customers while being affordable advertising for you. Need less expensive give-away items? Pick scarves, ear warmers and custom embroidered knit caps and beanies. Scarves and caps can usually be embroidered with your polo shirt logo while using just a business name is fine for ear warmers. Want your business name to really standout? Choose a knit cap with a contrasting stripe and have your business name embroidered in the same color!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Custom Embroidery: Order Tips

Your last custom embroidered jackets order was a bust. The thread colors were wrong, the jackets didn't fit, they were received late and the quality of the embroidery was poor. How can you avoid these problems in the future?

1. Order sample jackets to check sizing to insure you receive the right sizes.

2. Have embroidered samples sent so you can check the quality. Concerned about placement or how the fabric looks when embroidered? Have a sample jacket embroidered.

3. Leave plenty of time and request a turnaround time. Although you may be ordering online if you need your own logo its custom work so allow for extra time especially if you will be ordering samples.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Embroidered Logo Update?

Embroidered Logo Update: Does your embroidered logo need a makeover? Is it memorable, distinctive and appropriate for your business? Does it cater to who you market too? Does it represent your business and how you do business? Most important, is your business name readable?

Logo Overload? Don't include too much text in your embroidered logo. Your business name, a simple image and possibly a short tag line work best. Resist the temptation to include extra text like your phone number. It will be too much to read at a glance and most likely your primary text will be made smaller to make space for the additional text.