Friday, November 25, 2011

Embroidery Questions Answered: Unacceptable Artwork?

Have a great idea for custom embroidered hats? Did you struggle to get your design on paper only to hear that your decorator can't use your artwork? Why not?

Although your design may look good to you it may not be usable as artwork for embroidery. Here are some possible issues:

1. Low Resolution - Artwork is used as a template for an embroidery set-up. If the resolution is too low it can become too pixelated when zooming to see small details.

2. Too Detailed - Most left chest logos are 3.25" - 4" wide. If you create a detailed design on a much larger scale then most likely it can't be scaled down without eliminating some detail. Often that's easily accomplished but sometimes important elements must be eliminated.

3. Unacceptable File Type - Artwork must be opened in the digitizer's embroidery software. Unusual file formats can't always be opened. Sometimes files can be converted to another format but not always.

4. Doc / Docx/ PPT Files Aren't Accepted - Files created in word processing software can appear differently when opened in another system. Unwanted changes can effect fonts, colors and other elements

5. Incomplete Or Unclear - More information is needed to understand what you want. This often happens when verbal changes are added to a design and its difficult to visualize what is meant.

How do you get your artwork fixed so its suitable for an embroidery set-up? Ask you embroiderer what the specific problems are and if you can't fix them yourself hire a graphic designer to make the changes.