Saturday, February 27, 2010

Industrial Polo for Embroidery: Style, Comfort and Performance For Your Staff

Need a hard-working embroidered polo shirt for factory workers? The CS402 (men), CS403(ladies) and CS402P (men's with pocket)is a stain-resistant, 6.8 ounce polo that's designed to withstand at least 50 industrial washings. This shirt not only wears well - it looks and feels good with its open hem sleeves, side vents, ottoman-tipped collar and dyed-to-match buttons.

Need safety yellow shirts from XS to 6X? This IL50 certified polo is available in ten colors including safety orange and yellow in sizes XS - 6XL for men and XS-XXL and plus 1X and plus 2X for women. Everyone will look good and be comfortable because they can get the right fit. Unlike most less expensive styles this soft-feeling pique polo performs like a more expensive shirt. The CS402/CS403 polo will be a hit with your staff!

Embroidered Bamboo Polos: Wear a Style That Performs!

Have you seen the K497 (men's) and L497 (ladies) polos? Yes, shirts made from sustainable bamboo trees. Embroidered bamboo polo shirts are one of our best selling new polo styles. Bamboo shirts are wonderful for keeping you cool and comfortable by helping to regulate your body temperature. Bamboo trees are used to create a miracle fabric known for its moisture-wicking, odor-inhibiting and UV resistant qualities.

Besides winning top ratings as a performance fabric, garments made from bamboo resist wrinkles and are hypoallergenic. Admired for their luxurious, silk-like sheen, unlike shirts made from silk, bamboo polos can be machine washed. In addition to being easy to care for this fabric embroiders well so the small details in your logo embroider cleanly. In addition to looking great you'll feel great when wearing this earth-friendly product!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Embroidery On The Bill?

Can hats be embroidered on the bill and side? Occasionally I receive requests for custom embroidery on the bill and side of caps. Often these inquiries include images of hats with this type of design. We've all seen these designs so it must be doable, right? While its possible to embroider a small logo on the side of a hat its not feasible to embroider on the bill after the hat has been assembled.

Due to embroidery machine limitations, hat front designs must be started approximately ¼ inch above the brim, thus preventing the embroiderer from embroidering to the brim. When embroidered the bill area, the needle must penetrate the bill at a high speed while maintaining consistent thread tension from the upper thread and lower bobbin thread. Because the brim is supported by a heavy piece of cardboard, the needle can't penetrate this thickness to make a stitch. Thus, the bill can only be embroidered before it is assembled.

So, what about the bill designs you've seen? Those hats are from large quantity runs where it was cost effective to have the design embroidered before the caps were assembled. While the embroidered bill look is "cool", most orders aren't large enough to consider having the hats embroidered before they are sewn together.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Embroidered Logo: Get The Right Colors!

How do you get the correct thread colors in your custom embroidered logo? The colors may look right in the digital proof your embroiderer emailed but colors can vary according to your monitor settings. You can request an embroidered sample but sometimes you can't afford the additional time delay. What can you do? As soon as you choose an embroiderer, send a color sample of your logo such as a business card or brochure so your embroiderer can match the thread colors in your logo to your color sample.

When considering minor shade differences, what if matching the exact shades isn't as important as having thread colors that look good (contrast well) against the shirt color? Let your embroiderer pick the best thread shade for each color!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Custom Embroidery: Need New Ideas?

Add New Color! - Need to breakaway from your typical conservative color mode for your next promotional give-away? Try visors in a bright color and attract new attention to your business. Visors are inexpensive, easy to pack and transport and can be worn by anyone.

Logo Update! - Want a quick new look without a redesign? Have your logo embroidered in a tone-on-tone thread color (color that is very close to the shirt color) for a subtle, classic appearance.

Don't Forget Denim! - Need button down shirts for your group? Consider embroidered denim shirts. Denim is easy to care for, looks great on everyone and embroideres well.

Performance Fabric Polos? - Looking for a performance polo that wicks away moisture, is comfortable to wear, looks great and is easy to care for? Don't forget polos made from bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable natural fiber that will keep you cool and comfortable without hurting our environment.