Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Questions About Sending Artwork?

Uncertain about sending artwork to your embroiderer?  Many people are unsure about sending artwork to an embroiderer.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What file type should I send?

Have your artwork in different file types but don't know which your embroider prefers?  Ask them. Everyone can open a jpeg but if its a low resolution image a higher resolution file may be necessary. In that case vector formats such as eps, ai or cdr are better.

Afraid to send a file you can't open?

Reluctant to send artwork files you can't open because you don't have the right software? Include a jpeg file with a note saying that the two files should have the same basic content.

Afraid to include your artwork when requesting a quote?

Hesitant to send artwork to a group of decorators because it might be stolen?  While the chance of this happening is extremely rare you can send the stitch count instead if you know it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Enlarge Your Impact

Want your embroidered logo to be seen? You've seen logos that seem too small. Can't the size be increased? Possibly but there are limits for chest-sized logos. Four inches wide is usually the maximum size.  You might be able to add an extra quarter inch but anything larger looks too big on smaller sizes and  may not fit between the sleeve and placket seams. Sometimes text can be divided into two lines and enlarged but then you have more to read within the confines of a left chest logo.

Instead of increasing the size of your design focus on how its presented. Eliminate or downsize unnecessary elements and increase the size of your business name.  Have a  long name? Consider enlarging part of it. Stick to the primary components and be careful how you arrange them. Your embroidered logo will be easier to read and have more impact if you present the key elements in a memorable arrangement rather than trying to include too much text in a limited space.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Shirt Color Options?

Want to give your employees some color choices for shirts while maintaining a uniform look? Many employees grow tired of wearing the same color shirt each day and would prefer some choices.  You can  allow everyone to wear whatever they want but if you want to maintain some uniformity then choose a few colors for them to pick from.

When offering more shirt color options consider how your logo colors will be handled. You might decide to maintain the same logo colors for all shirts and base your shirt color choices on what works well with your logo.  This option works fine for many logo designs but can be limiting for other logos.

Another option is to have light and dark versions of your logo so it works well with both light and dark colored shirts. You also might want to switch your logo colors depending on the shirt color and use shirt colors that are the same as your logo colors.  For example, if your logo colors are black and red you could use black, red and white shirts and substitute the shirt color with the remaining color. So, your logo would be in white and red thread on black shirts, black and red on white shirts and white and black on red shirts. This option helpes strengthen the association of those colors with your brand name and work well with simple 2-3 color logos.