Sunday, September 29, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Quick Fix!

Looking for a quick fix for your business wardrobe? Try this year's new sweaters and cardigans for an updated look! Choose from two-toned, classic and open front styles. Sweaters embroidered with your business name give employees a uniform, polished look while allowing them to wear their own shirts underneath.

Uncertain how your design will look on a sweater?  Enlarge or eliminate small text and your logo should be fine.  Considering a two-toned style? Make sure your logo colors contrast well with the sweater colors and your business name is big enough to be clearly seen.  Still unclear how the final product will look? Request an embroidered sample cardigan before placing your order. Your team will appreciate the cozy comfort of sweaters and you'll love their professional appearance!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Give It a New Slant!

Designing your embroidered logo? Check out these ideas:

1. Give your business name a different slant. Try putting your name in a diagonal orientation if you have a short business name. Just make sure the remaining design elements are arranged so the overall appearance is horizontal.

2. Try a vertical orientation. Most logos have a horizontal orientation so a vertical look will help it stand out.

3. Increase the size of you business name. Eliminate unnecessary text and use that room to enlarge your name.

4. Use bold color contrasts. Instead of using a "uniform' black shirt try a bright new color such as "green oasis" or "dusty orange" with your logo embroidered in a bold, contrasting color.

Give your logo a different look and increase its Impact!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Distance Color Matching?

Matching colors long distance for your embroidered logo can be challenging. Colors viewed online can vary according to computer settings. A "red" may look bright on your computer, dark on another and rust-like on a third. PMS or Pantone Matching System colors can identify particular shades but what if you don't know the PMS equivalents of your logo colors? You can supply hex or CMYK colors but direct thread matches don't exist for these shades. You could give a verbal description such as "apple red" but will that really help?

What's the solution? Send your embroiderer an actual color swatch such as a business card.  If that isn't possible you may want to request embroidered samples in different shades so you can make the best choice.