Sunday, August 28, 2011

Embroidered Logo: Use Small Text?

Have small text in your logo? Don't want to eliminate it from your embroidered logo? What are your options? If you don't want to remove small text consider these possibilities:

  • Enlarge the text

  • Change to a more readable font such as a block

  • Change to a thread color that contrasts well against the background

  • Simplify the text

  • Divide text between two lines

What if the text just won't fit? Consider having it embroidered in another location such as the sleeve or below the collar.

Use Letterhead For Embroidered Logo?

You're thinking about ordering custom embroidered polos. You don't have a logo but you do have a letterhead logo. Can it be used for an embroidered logo? It depends.

Many letterheads are horizontally orientated. If that is the case and the text is lengthy most likely the header design will need to be rearranged or simplified to work for a left chest logo. Then, although your embroidered logo won't mirror your letterhead, it will be recognizable and readable. Not sure how to adjust your letterhead so it will work for embroidery? Ask your embroiderer! They can suggest possible solutions.

Stock Embroidery Designs - What's the Stitch?

Stock embroidery designs are pre-made designs in stitch format available for almost any subject. They are commonly used for gifts, clubs, sports teams and school logos. Stock designs are great for groups that want to keep costs down and don't want to be involved in designing a logo.

Designs are organized by category and are available in specific sizes. Stock designs can be customized by changing thread colors and adding text. Some designs can be resized slightly although its best to pick a design that's already sized to meet your needs. When choosing a design remember what size you need (ask your embroiderer if unsure) and don't forget to leave room for text if its to be added!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Embroidery Created Equally?

Is all embroidery created equally – NO! The quality of embroidery can vary greatly. What should you look for when judging embroidery quality?

  • When setting up your order does the embroiderer ask questions about the colors, sizing and placement of the logo?
  • Are your questions answered before your logo is embroidered?
  • Can you request sample shirts to check sizing before placing your final order?
  • Are you able to approve a proof before your order is processed? Can you request an embroidered sample shirt or hat?
  • Is your order received in an organized and timely manner? Are your shirts steamed and neatly folded?
  • Is your embroidery beautifully stitched in the correct thread colors? Did you receive the correct sizes? Is the quality of the garments as good as you expected?
If the quality of the garments, embroidery and service doesn't meet your standards then its time to look for a new embroiderer!