Saturday, September 30, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: More Updates!

Is your business name clear? Hard-to-read fonts should be simplified. Is your name long? Using a simple font or possibly shortening your name will make it more readable. Your name should easily seen from three feet away.

Do you have unnecessary elements in your design? You may love the image in your logo but if it occupies too much space it may detract from your business name. You may hesitate to eliminate items like your phone number or web address but if a potential customer can't read your name then your logo isn't working for you and it's pointless to include anything else in your design. Your custom embroidered polo shirts will look more distinctive if your embroidered logo is clear and concise rather than being overcrowded and muddled.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Logo Update?

Time for a logo update but you don't know what to do? Small changes can give your logo a fresh, updated appearance and make a big difference in how your custom embroidered polo shirts look.

How should you proceed? First, is your business name large enough? Your name should be clearly seen from a three foot distance so someone can easily read it when meeting you. Having too many secondary elements such as detailed images, a tag line or phone number can occupy valuable space and detract from your name. If your business name isn't readable then having secondary design elements won't help advertise your business.

How can you check the size of your business name before its embroidered?  Print your logo to scale, cut out your design, tape the image to a shirt and stand three feet away.  If your business name is barely readable in print it will be too hard to read when its embroidered so you must increase the size of your name.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Hooping?

What is "hooping"? Hooping is using a hoop (usually a two-part circular frame) to secure garments such as custom embroidered pocket polo shirts so they can be placed on an embroidery machine to be embroidered. The hoop stabilizes the item so the fabric is taunt without being stretched. Correctly hooping a garment is essential to producing a quality embroidered logo.

Different sized hoops are used depending on the size of the design. It's usually best to use the smallest size hoop that the design will fit in but there are exceptions. Using a larger hoop can make it easier to hoop the item or give extra room to watch the garment while it's being embroidered.  While most garments are hooped in a standard hoop items such as caps, bags, belts and heavy jackets require specialized hoops, clamps or frames to stabilize the garment or accessory.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Larger Cap Design?

Wondering if the design for your embroidered hats can be bigger? You've seen some fairly large center front designs on the caps of professional sports teams but when you place an order for custom embroidered hats your embroiderer recommends that your logo be much smaller. Why is that?

Embroidered hats that are produced in large quantities can be embroidered before the hat is assembled. These hats are embroidered when the material is flat and easy to embroider.

Small cap orders are embroidered on caps that are already sewn together. The curved surface of the assembled cap limits the height of the design. While having a wide design usually isn't a problem - hat designs can be 4.25" wide - the height is usually restricted to 2.25" high - a size that is smaller than the embroidered hats of many professional sports teams.

Unsure how your hat design will look when embroidered? Print your design so it's 2.25" high, cut it out and hold it up to the front of a hat. If it looks too small then try eliminating unnecessary design elements and focus on your business name and possibly a small image.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Change Up Shirt Colors

Picking a shirt color for everyone on your staff can be an impossible task.  Some people love bold colors like red and black while others prefer neutral shades. Consider letting employees pick their own colors for their custom embroidered polo shirts so they feel comfortable wearing colors they like and they don't have to wear the same shirt color every day.

If you have a one-color embroidered logo you can vary the color of the logo depending on the shirt color or keep it one color and realize that your logo won't be as readable against some shirt colors. If your logo is simple and the text is fairly bold this gives the logo a more subtle look. If your logo is detailed or has small text then it may be difficult to read and therefore not be a good option.

For a distinctive look have lighter colored shirts embroidered in black thread (or another dark color such as charcoal or navy) and darker shirts embroidered in white, cream or another light color. Shirts in the medium color range can be embroidered in either thread color depending on your preference.

Permitting your staff to wear different shirt colors will allow them to feel and look better wearing the colors they want and breakup the monotony of wearing the same shirt color every day so everyone is happier!