Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embroidered Logo: Size It Right!

You are in charge of ordering embroidered button down shirts for XYZ business. You'll need to approve a digital proof. How can you be sure your logo is sized correctly? Your best bet is to pick an experienced embroiderer because they'll know what size will work. What are the considerations when sizing a logo?

First, the overall size of a heart logo (small front logo) is 3.25" - 3.75" wide and/or tall. Sometimes if a logo is horizontally orientated and not very tall, 4" wide works better. Generally speaking, you'll want to preserve the correct proportions in your design but what happens with tag line text that is too small to read after your logo is sized to 4" wide? You can either increase the size of the text so it is proportionally larger, split the tag line into two lines or eliminate it.

Another common diliema is how wide should a "tall" logo be? In this case, you're usually better if your design isn't too wide so the overall size isn't too big. What if all your text can't be clearly read? This may indicate the need to eliminate at least one of the elements so the remaining items can be enlarged or given more surronding space. Finally, what is the proper "reading" distance for an embroidered logo? Three feet!

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