Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easy Changes

Generally speaking, you don’t want to drastically change your embroidered logo colors because your “colors” are part of your branded image. But, you can make slight changes to get more versatility from your logo. For example, if your logo has lots of colors, often you can change the color of the embroidered shirt if you make sure your business name can be clearly seen on the new shirt color. If your business name is usually in navy thread but you want to wear a navy colored shirt consider using a contrasting color, such as white, that is in your logo. If you choose a color that isn’t already in your logo then you’re introducing a new color but if you stick with a color that is already in your logo then you haven’t changed the basic look of your logo.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your Logo: Should You Always Use the Same Colors?

Sometimes customers ask if it’s okay to change the colors in their custom embroidered logo. They’d like to change the color of their Custom Embroidered Corporate Apparel shirts because they’re tired of wearing the same colored shirt; but, their logo won’t show up well against the shirt color they want to wear. If you switch to a different colored shirt then your logo might be noticed more because it has a new look. But, are you sacrificing the branded imaged that you’ve worked so hard to establish?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Above the Pocket

If you decide to place your logo on the left side in most cases the logo will need to go above the pocket. Why? Because the arm of the embroidery machine needs to fit inside the pocket while the logo is embroidered unless it is embroidered before the pocket is attached to the shirt.

Coming: Should you always use the same colors in your logo?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Embroidery On the Pocket

You need to order Custom Embroidered Pocket Polo Shirts for your group. Where should your embroidery be located? You can place your design across from the pocket on the right chest side but most heart-sized logos are placed on the left side even if there is a pocket. If you decide to use the left side should your logo be on or above the pocket?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Design Placement

Have you ever requested that an embroidered design be located in an unusual location on a shirt and been disappointed by the location of the embroidery? Avoid having this problem by working with your embroiderer to find a design placement that works for you. Have your embroiderer print out your design or use an embroidered sample. Place this sample against a shirt to see how the placement looks. If you have more than one logo and the logos will be seen at the same time, check your placement with both designs attached (pinned or taped) to the shirt while the shirt is being worn. Take note of the placement and your embroidery should be placed correctly on our next order of Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts.