Friday, June 13, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: All About Hats

Want to purchase Custom Embroidered Hats to advertise your new business? Wondering about what style to get, the size and location of your logo and other details? Read on!

Are some hat styles better for some designs? Yes! If your logo is "tall" choose a hat with a high, structured front profile.  You can use an unconstructed, low profile style but your logo will be less readable.

How big can your logo be? Can it extend from the brim to the top? Hat designs are approximately 4" wide and 2"-2.25" high.  Some machines can embroider 2.5" high designs but the curvature of the hat will negatively impact the quality of the design.

How are full front hat designs embroidered?  Designs taller than 2.5" high are usually embroidered before the hat is assembled. Can bill designs be embroidered? Yes, but they must be embroidered before the hat is sewn together.

Can the sides and back of hats be embroidered? Yes, these locations can be embroidered with a small design or text such as a web URL or tag line.

Uncertain which style is right for you?  Spend time looking at different styles and discuss your needs with your embroiderer. They will know what styles are popular and most likely to work for you.