Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Designing Your Logo? Don't... part 2

Designing your own logo?  Avoid:

Too Much Information - Details like your address and phone number are important on your business card but will be unreadable when your logo is downsized to a 4" wide format. Instead, keep your logo simple and there will be more room for your business name.

Your new logo should have a fresh new look that's easily readable by someone seeing it for the first time. Your business name should be the primary element and occupy the most space in your design. It should be adaptable for a variety of mediums including a web header, social sites and print advertising.

Give yourself plenty of time to develop your logo. Get feedback from people who will give their honest opinion. Once its completed, put it aside for a few days before giving it a final proofing.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Designing Your Logo? Don't...

Designing your business logo?  Avoid:

Copying - Your logo should be unique. If you show it to someone and they say it looks like the *** logo Start Over!

Too many effects - Don't use too many special effects. Effects like color gradients may look great in a large scale version of your logo but those same effects may not work for smaller mediums that need a simplified format.

Too Abstract - You may "get" the abstract spelling or font you picked for your business name but if other people can't read it Change It!

Too Trendy - Trends are popular for a period but they can become old quickly and your logo will have a dated look.

To be continued...