Sunday, April 7, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Jagged Edges?

Want an embroidered logo without the jagged edges? Generally this can be avoided by using the correct embroidery technique (i.e. using an experienced embroiderer) but there are things the non-embroiderer can do to improve the look of their embroidered logo:

1. Widen thin design elements. You may need to increase text size or choose a different font but your text will look better and be more readable.

2. Choose a jersey knit, 100% polyester, woven or other fabric that is tightly woven so stitches are less likely to sink into the fabric.

3. Adjust shirt or thread colors so the color contrast is less so imperfections aren't as noticeable.

Unsure if your logo can be embroidered without the jagged look? Mention this to your embroiderer and so they can suggest how to improve the look of your embroidered logo!