Monday, March 15, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Easy Design Updates!

Want an easy way to update your embroidered logo? Change or simplify the colors. Brightening a design’s colors can make a big difference. If you previously used “traditional” shades, consider using different hues to create a more modern appearance. 

Another way to produce a new look is to design a one-color logo. While this won’t work for designs that need different areas of color to be readable, you might be able to use negative space (area where the garment shows through) to define some details so your logo can work with fewer colors.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Heathered Fabrics!

Haven’t ordered embroidered apparel in a few years? Consider T-shirts, polos and sweatshirts in heathered colors! Having your logo embroidered on a heathered material will give your design a fresh new look.

What is “heathered” fabric? It's material with specks of another color, usually white, woven into the fabric to give it a muted appearance. “Heather grey” shirts and sweatshirts have been around for a long time but now heathered shades in black, navy, royal, red and other colors are available. Just make sure your logo is readable. Items like small text can be more difficult to see when placed against a multi-colored background so you may need to increase the size of your logo, adjust your thread colors or eliminate details to make your logo clearly visible.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Embroidered Sweatshirt Back?

Can the back of a sweatshirt be embroidered? Yes. Small designs can be embroidered just below the collar. This is a great location for a slightly larger version of your left chest logo (4” - 6” wide) or a web address if the sweatshirts have a crew or cadet collar.

Want a large design? Say 10” to 12” wide or high? Most likely it will be more economical to have it screen printed. Unlike lightweight T-shirt fabric, sweatshirt material can support a large embroidered logo but the set-up can cost $100.00 or more and you’ll pay for additional machine running time. 

Screen printing most designs will be cheaper as long as you can meet minimum printing quantities. What if you only need a few sweatshirts? Locate a decorator who provides direct-to-garment printing. The cost per sweatshirt will be more but the look is almost identical to screen printing and you won’t be charged for screens which makes this an especially good option for multi-colored logos. What if your design has lots of colors and you need a large quantity printed?  Four-color process printing may be your best option. Still unsure what type of printing is best for your job? Get quotes and compare your options!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Adding to Existing Logo?

Can you add text to an existing design and still have it work for a left chest embroidered logo? Possibly. It depends on the amount of available space in your design and what you want to add to it. An employee's name can usually be placed underneath a logo but adding more information such as additional text can overcomplicate your logo.

Let's say you have simple design that consists of your business name in a custom font and you want to add a short tag line. That will probably work but you may need to decrease the size of your existing logo to gain room.  Is that a smart move? Will adding a tag line that might make your logo less readable be more beneficial than keeping the professional-looking design you already have? Maybe not. A better option might be to freshen up your design by giving it a more current look. Consider using cleaner lines, a simplified shape and new colors to give your logo an updated look that will attract new attention.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Sizing Elements?

Designing your embroidered logo? Wondering how to size the different elements in your logo?

Left chest embroidered logos are limited to 3.25” to 4” wide. Some designs are smaller and a few are slightly larger.  But, they can’t be much bigger because of the limited amount of space between the center of a shirt and the shoulder seam. 

How do you size the different elements in your logo?  Give the most room to the most important element - your business name - and save the remaining space for an image or tag line or possibly both. Even though you may have a great image, avoid the desire to make it bigger than your business name. A larger image may catch someone’s attention but limit the size of your name and make your logo less readable. Want to include your phone number or web address? Avoid the temptation and limit your design to key elements so you have a professional-looking logo rather than a design that looks amateurish because it contains too many details.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Your Embroidered Logo: Embroidered Gifts?

You’re shopping for gifts before the holidays. You see a chic bag at a terrific price and think it would make a great gift for Aunt June. After returning home you decide that adding your aunt's initials to the bag would make it the perfect gift. You call different embroiderers but soon realize that not everyone will accept your job.  Why not?

You understand that most embroiderers are busy and there often isn’t much profit to be gained from a small “embroidery-only" order. Are there other reasons why it's difficult to find an embroiderer to monogram your bag?

Yes. Most embroiderers like to supply what they embroider because they can make a profit from the item in addition to charging for the embroidery. But, the additional profit isn’t their only concern. The quality of the item is also an issue. Items sold by embroiderers are designed to be embroidered and have a certain quality level so those products are easier to handle. Customers' items can require more time and are more likely to be damaged during the embroidery process because of their unfamiliarity. If damage occurs, the embroiderer is faced with giving their customer the bad news so many embroiderers avoid the situation by only handling items they can easily replace.

While many embroiderers don't accept “gift” jobs some love and specialize in those types of orders. They may not have the biggest embroidery shop but they can be equipped with more specialized tools like monograming software and are better able to handle your job. But, they can be extremely busy before the holidays. Want to avoid the last-minute rush? Locate an embroiderer before the holiday season and ask them when you should place your embroidery order.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Your Embroidered Logo : Correct Logo Size?

Your manager wants you to order embroidered business shirts. Your company recently had a new logo designed by a graphic designer. You pick an embroidery company and email them your logo specifications packet. They respond by saying that the requested size for the logo is too small for embroidery. What do you do? Look for another embroiderer?

You can check out other embroiderers but if you’ve already decided on a particular embroidery company then you may want to ask them why the sizing is too small and what size they suggest.  If they say the smaller size won’t embroider well and your design must be larger to be readable than what if they are right? What should you do? You want to follow the directions specified by the graphic designer but what if your logo isn’t readable when embroidered at that size?

Ask your embroiderer to send you two embroidered samples, one that adheres to the graphic designer's specifications and a larger version that meets your embroiderer's standards. You can request either embroidered swatches or shirts. Have your manager compare both sizes so they can make a decision. Then you can order your shirts knowing that your embroidered logo will be sized correctly.