Thursday, January 19, 2023

Your Embroidered Logo: Easy Refresh!

Hey! It's me - your embroidered logo. I could use a change.  I’ve been sporting the same colors for the last few years.  I need a new look. How about adjusting my colors so I can have a fresh, updated appearance?

Changing the thread colors of an embroidered design is easy as long as the different areas of color (not the particular color) remain the same. You can make simple changes like swapping the garment color with the one of the colors in the design. For example, instead of always wearing navy blue shirts, use navy as one of the thread colors and have your design embroidered on a different shirt color. Or, try adjusting the shades of color.  A light blue may be changed to a teal, a standard red may become an orangish red or a dark green may become a shade of olive. Think about the shirt color and what colors will look good and contrast well against that background color.

Ready for a bigger change? Use bright, almost neon colors. Picture a black hoodie with your design in rust and olive thread colors.  How about a navy pullover with a light orange and dark lavender design?  White hats with a logo in a vibrant orange, lavender and navy blue? Using bright colors can make a logo really pop! 

Afraid using bright colors may be too much of a change? Order just a few items at first and remember, you can always revert back to your previous colors.  Just make sure you see a digital proof before your garments are embroidered and check to see that all the elements in your logo show up well. Your business name should have the most emphasis and the remaining details should be clearly seen. Once I, your embroidered logo, have a fresh, updated appearance I’ll attract more attention wherever I go.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Your Embroidered Logo: Looking To Save?

Want to save money on your next embroidered polo shirts order? Buy enough items to satisfy free shipping requirements. Don’t need that many shirts? Add hoodies, jackets or polar fleece pullovers to help advertise during the colder months. Need more suggestions? Consider purchasing hats, knit beanies or bags to give away to customers and friends.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Your Embroidered Logo: Simple Is Best!

Wow! Love that logo on those T-shirts! It “pops”! Can that same logo be embroidered on polo shirts? It's really detailed, has color gradations and all the elements of the design are outlined in black...

Yes, the design can be embroidered on shirts but that won’t necessarily produce the best embroidered logo. You can remove the color gradations and small details but the embroidered design probably won’t have the same impact as the printed version because ink can reproduce finer detail than stitches and the look of individual stitches can draw unwanted attention.  A better option would be to simplify the logo for embroidery and use a shirt color that contrasts well with the primary colors in the design. Embroidered logos look best when the design is fairly simple. Then, the message of the logo can really stand out.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Your Embroidered Logo: Second Logo Placement

Want to have two logos embroidered on shirts? Wondering where the second design should be placed? On the right chest? A sleeve? Is one placement more current, appropriate or effective than the other?

Sleeve logos and other non-traditional logo placements are popular now. But, you should consider the importance of the second logo.  Is it equal to the first logo or does it support it? Will the two designs work well together when seen at the same time or will one overpower the other? Will having two logos be too much visually for the front of a shirt?

While some designs may be similar in size, shape and coloration, other logos won’t work well together and will look better and have more impact if they aren’t seen at the same time. In the end, it’s a matter of the relationship between the two logos, whether the designs work together visually and your personal preference about what you think looks good. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Your Embroidered Logo: Heathered Shirts

It’s me, your embroidered logo. Looking for tees in a new color? Checkout all the heathered colors. There are many options like “heathered purple” or “heather sangria”. You can even choose a T-shirt in a performance fabric. Have your logo printed or embroidered in white and you’ll have fresh-looking T’s for your new business season.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Your Embroidered Logo: Simple Is Best!

Hello! It’s your soon to be embroidered polo. I peeked at your artwork. Is that the logo you’re planning for me? It’s nice. It would look great printed on T-shirts but it’s too detailed for a left-chest embroidered logo. It will be hard to read and it won’t lie flat on my fabric because the design contains too much thread. I would remove the black outlines surrounding the design elements and modify the border so it's a simple circle rather than a circle with decorative detail. Then your logo will be easier to read and it will look better on embroidered polos.

A week later...

That’s better! That simplified version of your logo will look great embroidered on me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Your Embroidered Logo: UV Polo Upgrade

Hello! I’m an embroidered logo. I’m embroidered on a breathable polo. Tom, my person, feels cool and dry while wearing this polo.  But, he’s still concerned about the harmful UV rays that he may be exposed to. Two weeks later… Tom is doing great! He decided to try a polo with UV protection. Now I’m embroidered on a moisture-wicking polo with a UPF rating of 30. Wearing a shirt that provides extra coverage has made a difference to my person. Tom now feels more comfortable and confident when he’s outside because he has an extra layer of protection from the sun.