Sunday, August 26, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Have Me Embroidered On...

Hey, I’m your business logo! Why don’t you have me embroidered on your work shirts? I’m on your web and social sites, in your email signature and on your letterhead. All that exposure is great but if you have me embroidered on your custom embroidered denim shirts then potential customers will see me wherever you go.  Just contact an embroiderer, send them your artwork, let them know what shirts you want, approve your embroidery set-up and you’ll have shirts that will help advertise your business!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Tips So I Look My Best!

Hey! I’m your newly designed business logo. Thinking of ordering some Embroidered Button Down Shirts? That’s a great idea. Here are some tips to make sure I look good:

1. Pick a shirt color that contrasts well with the colors in my design.

2. Choose a quality shirt with the performance features you want.

3. Simplify my design if I’m too detailed for embroidery.

4. Check your embroidery set-up proof carefully before your shirts are embroidered.

5. Talk with your embroiderer if you have any questions about the embroidery process.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Subtle Works!

I’m a nice, non-wrinkle button down shirt. My person, Mark, wears me to his office a lot. Mark likes how I fit and look but I feel there is something missing. I think a small embroidered logo on my left chest would look great and help advertise Mark’s business. Mark thinks adding a logo may be too much but I’m hoping he’ll change his mind...

He did it! Mark made the move toward advertising his business. He had a small tone-on-tone logo embroidered on me. I look great! My logo gives me a totally polished appearance. I love my new embroidered logo. Now I’m a custom embroidered button down shirt!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: A One Color Design?

Thinking of changing the two color logo on your custom embroidered pocket polo shirts to a one color design? Many two and three color logos can easily be converted to a single color but not all designs will work. If different design elements overlap then your design will most likely be less readable. But, if the color contrast between the background and design colors is greater than in the multi-color version, then a single color version may work. Still unsure about what colors to use in your design? Request to see proofs before making your final decision.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Best Shirt Color?

How do you pick the best shirt color for your custom embroidered pocket polo shirts? Should you pick...
  1. A practical color -  something that isn't as likely to show any dirt
  2. A neutral shade like white, black or tan
  3. The primary color in your logo
  4. A color that contrasts well with the colors in your logo
If you want your logo to be easily seen choose a contrasting shirt color. If you're unsure what color will work best pick a few color options and have your embroiderer send you a digital proof for each different background so you can see what looks best. Having all your staff members wear the same color shirt will give everyone a uniform look but you may want use a few different shirt colors and allow individuals to choose what color(s) they prefer.

What about using a shirt color that's the same as a color in your logo? That look can give your shirts a really unique, custom look. But, the color that appears in both your logo and on the shirt can't touch each other or else that part of your logo won't be readable.

What if you want a subtle look? Subtle can be very classy. Choose a tone-on-tone thread color for a single-color logo so the color of your logo is slightly darker than the shirt color or consider downsizing your logo to a smaller, more simple image.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Most Popular Tall Polos!

Looking for big and tall embroidered polo shirts? The TLK500 and the TLK420 polos are best-selling tall-sized polos. The TLK500 Silk Touch Polo is a 5-ounce, 65/35 poly/cotton polo available in twenty-four shades that color-coordinate with the K500 / L500 polos so everyone can have a consistent look - even if you need an unusual color like "Maui blue" or "teal green".

Prefer a heavyweight, 100% cotton polo? You'll love the TLK420 Pique Polo.  Its garment-washed for softness, has horn-tone buttons and double-needle stitching. It comes in seventeen great colors that match the K420 / L420 polos so everyone is comfortable and has a uniform appearance!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Designing Your Logo? Don't... part 2

Designing your own logo?  Avoid:

Too Much Information - Details like your address and phone number are important on your business card but will be unreadable when your logo is downsized to a 4" wide format. Instead, keep your logo simple and there will be more room for your business name.

Your new logo should have a fresh new look that's easily readable by someone seeing it for the first time. Your business name should be the primary element and occupy the most space in your design. It should be adaptable for a variety of mediums including a web header, social sites and print advertising.

Give yourself plenty of time to develop your logo. Get feedback from people who will give their honest opinion. Once its completed, put it aside for a few days before giving it a final proofing.