Saturday, May 4, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Snapback Advertises Where HE Goes!

It's me! Your favorite cap. A black flatbill snapback! Want a cool custom look? Have me embroidered with your logo. Give me a simple, distinct design in contrasting thread colors and I’ll make a BIG impression wherever we go!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Update!

Hey! I’m an embroidered pocket polo. My guy, Frank, started wearing me so he could spread the word around about his new business. But, I’m wondering... My embroidered logo doesn’t look so good. The business name is small, the tag line text is hard to read and the stitching is falling out...

I’ve been replaced! Frank realized the poor quality of my embroidered logo wasn’t helping his business so he decided to have his logo redone by an experienced embroiderer. Now Frank proudly wears his new shirts every day. He looks sharp wearing his new custom embroidered pocket polo shirts!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Design Tips

Its spring! Time to have shirts printed for your new business. You grab clip art from the net, pencil in some text and you’re good to go - right?

If you want a good design that isn’t too expensive to print then consider these ideas:

1. If the design is to be your logo that represents your business then you’ll need permission to use it.  Not every image on the internet is free to use. Make sure you have permission to use your chosen image.

2. Use a decorator who has the ability and understanding to add your text to your image. Adding text to a design without any thought about the right placement, sizing, font or amount of text can lead to a poor design. Instead, use someone who has the right experience and skill to create a well-designed logo.

3. Consider simplifying your image to a one color design to save money if you plan to have your shirts screen printed. If you must have a multi-color design then mostly likely it will be more cost effective to have your shirts direct to garment printed.

Side Note: Many thanks to FEEDSPOT for including us in their list of the Top 25 Embroidery Blogs. We appreciate it!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Use a Drawing???

Can a drawing be used to create an embroidery set-up? Possibly.

When a digitizer (person who creates an embroidery set-up) digitizes a design, he uses an artwork file as a template to show him where to place stitches. If the artwork file was created by a professional graphic artist, then it should be a clean, balanced, well-proportioned design.

A drawing can be scanned to create a computer file but that doesn’t make it equal in quality to professionally designed art work. Drawings usually need to be “cleaned up” to create a usable template for an embroidery set-up.

While a good digitizer can improve the look of a poor design the end result may not be as professional-looking as a logo designed by a graphic designer.

Instead, use drawings to develop your initial ideas and employ a graphic designer (preferably one who understand the needs of embroidery) to create your artwork and your logo will look and work better for your business!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Go Minimalist!

Designing a new business logo? Keep it simple! You probably know when it comes to embroidered designs its best to eliminate unnecessary detail.  But, do you know that having a minimal logo can have more advantages?

Colors - Minimal logos are easier to work with because they are more flexible. They usually work as a one color logo so its easy to adjust the color to work with different background colors. When a little more variety is desirable, it's easy to add a second logo color that works with various background colors.

Sizing - Simply designed logos usually work well at different sizes.  While a detailed logo may not size down to a one inch wide logo, work as a social icon or be clearly seen on a small mobile device a minimal logo will work.

Less Hassle - If your logo is simple then you don’t need as many artwork versions.  Detailed logos often have multiple versions that are appropriate for different uses. For example, a simplified version for embroidery, a detailed version for printed T’s, a black and white version for printed media and so forth. If your logo is simple you can avoid the extra paperwork work and potential for mistakes.

More Readable - Detailed logos can be hard to read. Information like phones numbers and tag lines take up room that could be devoted to your business name. If your logo is simple then it won’t get lost.

More Forceful - Developing a minimalistic logo forces you to decide what is the essence of your business and how to portray it simply, uniquely and if the design is good - memorably.

Less Cost - Having a logo that looks good in one color will eliminate extra printing charges for additional colors.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Fleece Fix!

Does your embroidered logo look “weak” when embroidered on polar fleece? Is it hard to read?  Are you unhappy with its appearance?

While your embroidered design may look perfect when embroidered on tightly woven materials where the stitches lie on the fabric's surface it may look lost when embroidered on polar fleece where there is a tendency for the stitches to sink into the fabric. There are a few techniques you can try to improve the look of your embroidered logo on polar fleece:

1. Use solvy

2. Add a base fill in the same color as the garment

3. Slightly enlarge the design

4. Increase the width of the elements in your design

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Have Me Embroidered On...

Hey, I’m your business logo! Why don’t you have me embroidered on your work shirts? I’m on your web and social sites, in your email signature and on your letterhead. All that exposure is great but if you have me embroidered on your custom embroidered denim shirts then potential customers will see me wherever you go.  Just contact an embroiderer, send them your artwork, let them know what shirts you want, approve your embroidery set-up and you’ll have shirts that will help advertise your business!