Saturday, January 1, 2011

Promote Your Business: Logo Embroidery Explained

Pique Polos: As you search through garment catalogues looking for the perfect polo for your embroidered logo you'll see the word "pique". What does that mean? Pique refers to the type of fabric used in the shirt. Unlike jersey knit fabric which is a flat-looking, T-shirt-like fabric, pique is a textured, looser weave that is commonly used for polo shirts. For many years pique polos were considered the preferred polo although the newer moisture-wicking performance polos are becoming increasingly popular.

Add Text? You have polos embroidered with your business logo but you've recently decided to add a tag line. Can your new tag line be added to your embroidered logo? Text can be added to an embroidered logo but its hard to get the right placement so its looks correct. Also, your original logo was sized for a small chest logo and adding more text may make your logo too large. Another option is to have one of the sleeves embroidered with your tag line. This way your text can be added without disrupting your original logo.

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