Saturday, December 28, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Tips

Recreating an existing embroidered logo?  Include original measurements along with a photo of the original work and any existing artwork.

Unsure of shirt sizing for your group? Request size measurements and sample shirts.

Want your logo embroidered on different shirt colors? Decide on "light" and "dark"
color versions so it looks good on most shirt colors. Consider having your logo embroidered in all white or black thread to create an effective look.

Concerned how the small text in your logo will look when embroidered on a polo shirt? Choose a style with a tight knit rather than a loose weave.

Creating a new logo? Make sure the most important word(s) are easily seen so its clear what type of business you do.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Your Embroidered Shirts: Get a Quick Quote!

You need a quick quote for embroidered shirts. You’ve had trouble getting quotes in the past because there’s usually lots of back and forth correspondence before you get a price.  How can you avoid that time-consuming confusion? Here’s what to consider before requesting a quote:
Style – Check out style options so you can request pricing for a specific shirt style.  If you can’t choose a style give detailed information about what you need such as a “light blue, 100% cotton polo for men and women”.

Quantity - Include the approximate number of items you plan to order.  
Embroidery location – Describe what you want embroidered and where it’s to be located. If you need a left chest logo with names on the right side be sure to mention the names.  All additional embroidery locations such as sleeve and cuff designs will increase the price so you’ll want to include this information.

Artwork - Include a readable artwork file.  Most embroiderers will prefer the highest resolution file you have. If you can't identify that then send what you have and your embroiderer will choose what works best. If you’re hesitant about sending a file you can’t open include one you can open with a note saying that the two files should show the same artwork. Don’t forget to note any changes you may need such as color changes or the elimination of small text.

Special Requirements – Need an unusual style? Tall sizes? PMS thread matching? Want delivery by a specific date? Shipping to multiple locations? Be sure to mention your needs so your embroiderer knows all the details.

What’s the best way to describe what you want? Be brief. A simple note like “24 K800 men’s polos with a left chest logo” with your logo attached to your request will make it easy for your embroiderer to respond with a quick, accurate quote.