Sunday, March 20, 2011

Embroidered Logo Tips:

Need coordinating styles? Sport shirts with and without pockets? Golf shirts that coordinate with long sleeve button down shirts? A fleece style available in youth through adult 4X? Baseball caps that match polo shirts? Ask your embroiderer! They'll direct you to styles that satisfy your needs.

Want a particular text style for your custom embroidered hats but don't want to pay more for the set-up? Show your embroider what you need and most likely they'll have a similar font in their stock collection.

Tag line text too small for your embroidered logo? Must you eliminate it? Removing small text is often the best option because it allows more room for other elements to be enlarged. But, if you really need your tag line consider:
  • enlarging small text - often proportions of different elements must be adjusted for embroidered logos
  • dividing text into two lines - allows you to increase font size
  • changing the font - choose a more readable font such as a san serif font
  • changing the text color - changing to a thread color that contrasts well against the background will improve readability
Have questions about your embroidery order? Ask your embroiderer!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Embroidered Logo Check: Too Much Text!

You've been preparing to start your new business for weeks. You finally decided what to put in your logo. You email your design to an embroiderer for a shirt quote. You receive a response but its not what you expected. It says you have too much information! What? Are you sure?

You just included the essential details - business name, tag line, location and phone along with a small image. Although you explain that all the elements are essential your embroiderer reminds you that the space in a left chest logo is limited and the more text you include the smaller your business name will be and besides, no one remembers a phone number from seeing a left chest logo anyway....

What should you do? Eliminate details such as your location and phone number. Focus on your business name and possibly a small image and add a short tag line if there's room. Don't be concerned about filling all the space in the embroidery area. Instead, give your business name more attention by emphasizing it with plenty of space so it stands out and is readable.