Saturday, December 26, 2009

Embroidered Polos: Get an Accurate Quote!

What information should you include when requesting a quote for your next embroidered polo shirts order?

1. Attach your logo - You're likely to receive a better price if you include a high resolution artwork file. Many people are reluctant to send a high quality file because they are afraid their artwork will be stolen but the chance that you contact a dishonest decorator who finds your artwork so unique and usable that they are willing to risk losing their entire business for your logo are pretty much nil especially when you consider that most decorators receive hundreds of artwork files each year. Instead of adding to your cost, email your highest resolution file.

2. Number of embroidery locations including names - Include the general size of each embroidery location. For example is it a left chest design, medium-sized center front or full back? You don't have to give exact dimensions unless that is important (for example, you are trying to match existing shirts) but give enough information so the embroiderer knows the approximate design size.

3. Style number - If you don't have a particular style picked out that's fine - just give a general description such as 100% cotton polo shirt in light blue for men and women. But, if you know the style number include it so the decorator can reference pricing easily.

4. Quantity - If you're not sure of the exact amount give a range such as 20- 25 or 50 - 300 shirts but remember, the more specific your quantity, the better the price will be. If you only need 1 - 10 shirts say so rather than requesting pricing for much larger numbers.

5. Extended Sizes - If you need 2X, 5X or 3XLT say so. That will effect your pricing and the style chosen. Don't worry about including the exact number, just inquire about additional pricing.

6. Shipping destination(s)

7. Turnaround Time - Do you have a specific deadline? You may not consider your order to be a "rush job" but the decorator might (especially if shipping across the county is necessary) and that may effect the cost.

Don't forget to include other details such as the fact that need need PMS matching or any other information that may effect the pricing and you'll receive an accurate quote for your next custom embroidered polo shirts order.