Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Maximize Logo Exposure!

Make a Statement With Hats - Simplify your logo so its no more than 2" high x 2.5" wide and have it centered on a front panel instead of the center seam. Simple, bold logos work best for embroidery!

Maximize Logo Exposure - Have your business logo embroidered on the left chest and the back shoulder when having jackets embroidered. Clear, distinct logos work best.

Try Tone-On-Tone colors - Try a tone-on-tone embroidered logo (logo embroidered in a thread color that's slightly different than the garment color) for a subtle, rich look on embroidered button down shirts.

Love Dip-Dye -  Try dip-dyed beanies and have your logo embroidered in a contrasting dip-dye shade for a cool look!