Saturday, September 2, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Change Up Shirt Colors

Picking a shirt color for everyone on your staff can be an impossible task.  Some people love bold colors like red and black while others prefer neutral shades. Consider letting employees pick their own colors for their custom embroidered polo shirts so they feel comfortable wearing colors they like and they don't have to wear the same shirt color every day.

If you have a one-color embroidered logo you can vary the color of the logo depending on the shirt color or keep it one color and realize that your logo won't be as readable against some shirt colors. If your logo is simple and the text is fairly bold this gives the logo a more subtle look. If your logo is detailed or has small text then it may be difficult to read and therefore not be a good option.

For a distinctive look have lighter colored shirts embroidered in black thread (or another dark color such as charcoal or navy) and darker shirts embroidered in white, cream or another light color. Shirts in the medium color range can be embroidered in either thread color depending on your preference.

Permitting your staff to wear different shirt colors will allow them to feel and look better wearing the colors they want and breakup the monotony of wearing the same shirt color every day so everyone is happier!

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