Sunday, September 17, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Hooping?

What is "hooping"? Hooping is using a hoop (usually a two-part circular frame) to secure garments such as custom embroidered pocket polo shirts so they can be placed on an embroidery machine to be embroidered. The hoop stabilizes the item so the fabric is taunt without being stretched. Correctly hooping a garment is essential to producing a quality embroidered logo.

Different sized hoops are used depending on the size of the design. It's usually best to use the smallest size hoop that the design will fit in but there are exceptions. Using a larger hoop can make it easier to hoop the item or give extra room to watch the garment while it's being embroidered.  While most garments are hooped in a standard hoop items such as caps, bags, belts and heavy jackets require specialized hoops, clamps or frames to stabilize the garment or accessory.

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