Saturday, August 26, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Higher Resolution File?

What does it mean when your embroiderer asks for a higher resolution artwork file so they can set up your logo for your custom embroidered polo shirts? Your embroiderer is requesting a file with more detail so they can provide you with an accurate embroidery set-up.

If you have your artwork in a few file types and you don't know which type will work best for your set-up then you can either ask your embroiderer what file type they prefer OR, send what you have so your embroiderer can pick the best file.

What if you "grabbed" an image from the internet? It will have a low resolution and you'll need to get a higher quality image from a clip art site or another source.

What if you use an artwork program to save out your low res file into a higher resolution format? Unfortunately that won't work because changing the file extension won't add information to the file.

What if you can't supply a higher resolution file?  As long as your file isn't too pixelated it can be "vectorized" or redrawn as sizable line art and saved out in different high resolution file formats. Having your design vectorized will increase your cost slightly but as long as you keep a copy of your vectorized logo you'll have high quality artwork for your future printing needs.

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