Saturday, September 9, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Larger Cap Design?

Wondering if the design for your embroidered hats can be bigger? You've seen some fairly large center front designs on the caps of professional sports teams but when you place an order for custom embroidered hats your embroiderer recommends that your logo be much smaller. Why is that?

Embroidered hats that are produced in large quantities can be embroidered before the hat is assembled. These hats are embroidered when the material is flat and easy to embroider.

Small cap orders are embroidered on caps that are already sewn together. The curved surface of the assembled cap limits the height of the design. While having a wide design usually isn't a problem - hat designs can be 4.25" wide - the height is usually restricted to 2.25" high - a size that is smaller than the embroidered hats of many professional sports teams.

Unsure how your hat design will look when embroidered? Print your design so it's 2.25" high, cut it out and hold it up to the front of a hat. If it looks too small then try eliminating unnecessary design elements and focus on your business name and possibly a small image.

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