Saturday, September 23, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Logo Update?

Time for a logo update but you don't know what to do? Small changes can give your logo a fresh, updated appearance and make a big difference in how your custom embroidered polo shirts look.

How should you proceed? First, is your business name large enough? Your name should be clearly seen from a three foot distance so someone can easily read it when meeting you. Having too many secondary elements such as detailed images, a tag line or phone number can occupy valuable space and detract from your name. If your business name isn't readable then having secondary design elements won't help advertise your business.

How can you check the size of your business name before its embroidered?  Print your logo to scale, cut out your design, tape the image to a shirt and stand three feet away.  If your business name is barely readable in print it will be too hard to read when its embroidered so you must increase the size of your name.

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