Sunday, September 1, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Pocket Placement

What? An embroidered pocket polo without the logo on the pocket? You’ve seen department store pocket polos with a logo embroidered on the pocket. Why can’t your business logo be embroidered on the pocket?

If you need a full-sized embroidered logo then you’ll need more room. Mass produced polos are embroidered before the pocket is sewn on the shirt so it’s easier to have a larger logo on the pocket. Very small logos can be embroidered on a pocket that’s sewn on but most business logos are too large for an embroidery machine to work from the underside of the pocket.

Where should your business logo be located on a pocket polo? Most people have their logo embroidered above the pocket but some prefer the right chest side especially if the shirts may be worn with items extending from the pocket that might cover up the logo.

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