Friday, September 6, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: to Difficult For Embroidery?

l’m often amazed by how a digitizer (person to sets up an embroidery design) can use thread to recreate a detailed design within a small area. Is there anything a digitizer can’t do? Well, there are some details in logos that are hard to recreate with thread. Here are some effects that generally don’t work too well when embroidered:

Decorative Fonts -  Fonts with solid, filled strokes are fine but pictorial fonts with lots of detail may be difficult to embroider.

Drop Shadows  - Drop shadows on fonts tend to muddy the readability of the font especially if the lettering is small.

Font outlining - Outlining can look sloppy when every stitch doesn’t line up perfectly with each letter.

Color Gradations -  Gradually changing from one thread color to another takes space.  This technique is best reserved for large embroidered logos such as jacket back designs.

So, what do you do if your printed logo contains one or more of these effects? Simplify. While embroidery can recreate an amazing amount of detail, embroidered designs usually look best when they are kept simple.

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