Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Offcenter Hat Design?

Cool! Embroidered hats with the logo centered on one side. You love the look but will that placement work for you? Its attention-getting but will your logo fit in that space?

Possibly. The area within one side panel is small. If your logo isn’t very wide it may fit (keep in mind it’s limited to 2.25” high) but you don’t want it to extend past either panel seam. If it almost fits try downsizing it slightly. Embroidered designs can only be downsized by 10%-20% if at all so that may not work. Your best option may be to use part of your design - possibly the image or your business name. Once you’ve chosen your small design print it at the correct size, tape it to a hat, stand a few feet away and see how it looks. If its readable and looks good you’ve got your offcenter hat design!

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