Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: The Tall Guy's Right Fit

Hey, I’m a tall-sized embroidered button down shirt in size LTall.  My guy, Craig, looks great wearing me and he loves how I fit. Together we look confident and professional. What an improvement!

Craig looked terrible before he met me. He used to wear XL sized shirts.  XL shirts were really too big for him but he needed the extra length in the sleeves and torso. Even still, he didn’t look right. He couldn’t stay tucked in and the XL size was too big in his shoulders. So, Craig didn’t look too good and he felt even worse...

But, then Craig met me and I changed his life! Well, that’s a slight exaggeration but Craig definitely looks much better wearing big and tall embroidered button down shirts that fit him.

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