Saturday, March 17, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Artwork to Embroidery

You're planning to launch your new business next month. You spent two months working with a graphic designer to develop your logo. Your design is finally finished.  You love it!  You're excited to have custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts made so you send your artwork to an embroiderer. But, their response is "Your logo must be simplified for embroidery".

WHAT? After two months of work and numerous revisions your newly minted logo won't work for embroidery? Should you try another embroiderer???

You might find an embroiderer who'll embroider your design without any simplifications but will your logo look good? Will the small text that's barely readable in print be too hard to read when embroidered? Will the shadow effect on your text detract from your business name? Will the thin outline surrounding your text look messy when its embroidered?


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