Friday, April 9, 2010

Business Branding Tips: Business Name Font

Using your business name in a block font just below your embroidered logo doesn't say much about your business other than the fact that you provide a basic service. But, choosing a particular font in the right size, thickness, spacing and placement describes more about your individual business and the unique services you provide. Even though you may not be involved in a "creative" business, if you don't distinguish yourself from your competitors how will you effectively compete against them?

The choice is yours. The logo on your embroidered shirts will be seen wherever you go. With it you have the chance to gain the interest and possibly the business of new customers. Do you think a logo that is unique and memorable is more likely to help you acquire new business?

So, pass on the unedited clipart images and the basic block font. Instead, spend time thinking about how you can develop a unique presence that identifies your business and how you serve your customers!

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Custom Logo Guru said...

One critical but often overlooked aspect of planning your startup is developing your brand. Branding is more than just the name of your company. In fact, good branding not only promotes your company's image and personality but becomes the heart and soul of your business venture.