Saturday, April 3, 2010

Custom Logo or Generic Clip Art?

Have I mentioned how many times customers have said they have a logo and can I just embroider their name below it? Sometimes they have custom logo that includes their business or group name and they want to reinforce that name below the logo. That's fine. What I question is when their "logo" isn't a unique design but is instead a generic clip art image. Does adding a business name below such an image create a business logo? No!

Your business logo is a custom design that describes what you do and how you do it. It brands your image. It should be readable, unique and memorable. In less than four square inches of space it can say who you market to, what type of product you sell and the quality of services you provide. So, will your business logo consist of a commonly seen generic clipart image or will it promote your custom brand?

And what about placing your business name below the image in a common font? Is that the best marketing move for your company? What does that say about the unique services you provide your customers so they'll choose your business over your competitors?

More coming... -jd


ThreadPerfection said...

We see this all the time. Its hard to believe that business owners will not spend the little extra time for a custom logo to stand out. Your logo is your brand and it a very important aspect of your business in my opinion. What do you think?

Custom Logo Guru said...

Branding your business has become even more important in the stiff economic climate of today, and custom logo provide a wonderful and effective means of getting more exposure for your business to a huge audience of potential customers and clients.