Friday, February 23, 2007

Location, location, location…

You’ve decided on a profile, closure and fabric type. What other hat features should you consider? When having your logo embroidered on a hat it is important to remember that you might not be able to put your entire logo on the front of the hat. Most hats can accommodate a design that is 2 ¼” high by 4” wide. What if your logo doesn’t fit into this area? Smaller text may need to be eliminated or enlarged. A vertically orientated logo may need to be reorganized to have a horizontal organization. Your embroiderer can help you adjust your logo so that it will work for caps. If you have a large logo, a high profile style may be better for your design because there is a larger embroidery area. Your embroiderer may be able to embroider your vertically orientated design on low profile cap but you won't be able to see the top part of the design when the hat is worn.

When reworking your logo for caps it is important to emphasize your business name. So what happens to that small text you eliminated from the front of your hat? You might be able to have your tag line, web address or phone number embroidered on the back of your hats. Additional information can also be added to the sides of hats. Keep in mind that only small designs and limited text can fit in these areas. Don’t feel like you have to put your design on the front of a cap. Sometimes a small, subtle logo on the side of a cap may be all you need. What about embroidery on the bill? Unless you are having custom hats made this isn’t possible because embroidery on this section must be sewn before the stiff part of the bill is added.

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