Friday, February 9, 2007

Buckram, D-Ring...Those Details

Finding your embroidered hat “style” is somewhat of a personal choice depending on what you think looks good and is comfortable. But what about all those details in the catalogue descriptions? First, what is “profile”? The profile describes the height of the front part of the crown, the part that covers your head. Profiles range from unconstructed/ low profile to high profile/ trucker. Unconstructed caps lie close to your head but aren’t tight fitting. Constructed or high profile caps are stiff in the front crown area so that the higher profile and shape of the crown is maintained. Often buckram (a stiff backing) is used inside the front of the cap to keep this shape. Hats with the same profile can vary in shape. For example, trucker hats have a fairly flat front appearance while other high profile hats have a curved, “athletic” look.

Baseball hats come with a variety of adjustable back closures attached to a strap or fabric tab. Different types include Velcro, snap, D-ring and buckle. Flexfit caps are constructed with a stretch headband inside the cap instead of a closure. This style is great for workers who want a snug fitting hat that won’t blow off.

Another style consideration is the type of bill. Bills range from being almost flat to fairly curved. Some styles have a short bill while others have an extended bill, a good choice when you need to keep out the sun.

Coming…Choosing the Right Fabric & Color for Your Hats

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