Friday, February 16, 2007

Enzyme Wash, Mesh, Sandwich & More

Hats come in a variety of fabrics including wool, twill, brushed cotton, canvas and mesh. Some hats are constructed from fabric that has received a special treatment such as pigment dye and enzyme wash to give it a worn look and comfortable feel. Some styles are available in different fabric combinations such as nylon/mesh. When considering fabric types keep in mind what activities will be performed by the hat wearer. You may love a particular wool hat during the winter but your landscaping crew won’t wear it during the hotter months. Fabric colors should also be considered. A black hat will be tolerant of stains but the dark color will attract heat in the summer.

Speaking of color, hats come in a rainbow of colors and color combinations. From desert camouflage to tangerine there’s a color for everyone. It’s important to consider the colors in your design when choosing a hat color. You need to pick a hat color that is different from your logo colors and contrasts well with your business name. You may want to pick a two-color hat with the color of the bill, sandwich or trim being the same color as your business name. This will emphasize your name and help make your logo look really sharp.

Don’t Order Your Hats Just Yet! Stay tuned for “fitting” your logo on your hat, embroidery locations, & more.

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