Monday, August 14, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Add Border?

Want your embroidered logo text outlined with a thin white border so it will "pop" against a black shirt? Having a border may look good in print but how will it look when its embroidered?

Often there isn't enough room to add a satin (traditional stitch type) border without overlapping another element in the design. Satin stitches have a minimum width that is wider than many printed borders so that can make adding a border difficult.

Sometimes a running stitch (stitch with a hand sewn look) is used. Using running stitches will create a thinner border but running stitches can look messy if they are slightly misplaced which can happen easily during the embroidery process. Also, running stitches can draw attention to themselves because of their broken look (they consist of many short "lines" or stitches) that differs from a solid printed line.

Instead of adding a border often the best option is to change the text color to a lighter thread color that contrasts well against a dark shirt. Then your logo will look clean, your text will standout and your custom embroidered polo shirts will look great!

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