Monday, February 27, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Increase Cap Design Size?

Wish your embroidered cap design looked bigger? Its 2.25" high x 2" wide so it looks small when embroidered on a hat. You'd like to increase the size but your embroiderer says it can't be larger because its the maximum height for cap designs.  But, because its a vertically-orientated design, it doesn't take up much space on the front of the hat. Is there anything you can do?

To start, keep in mind that an ideal cap design is 2" - 2.5" high and 4" wide. If your design fits that area it won't look small when embroidered on a cap.

First, consider editing your design so it has a horizontal orientation.  This may involve rearranging the design elements.  For example, if you previously had a centered image with text below try placing the image to the left of the text so your design fills more of the available space.

Second, consider eliminating lesser elements such as small text. These elements can be located on the back of the hat if necessary.

Third, try adjusting the spacing within your design. For example, if you have a large gap between design elements that are stacked vertically, lessen that space so you have more vertical room to increase the size of those elements.

If the above suggestions don't work well then consider using just text and arrange it so it occupies the most space with the 2.25" high x 4" wide area.

Finally, consider using an abbreviated form of your design such as the image or a shortened version of your business name (a simple, favicon-like image) and locate this design in the center of one of the front panels. This look is popular now and its off-set appearance will attract extra attention for #YourEmbroideredLogo.

Once you decide what works best for you, size your design to 2.5" high x 4" wide or less depending on your choice, print it at that size, tape it to a hat and stand three feet away to see how it looks!

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