Saturday, February 18, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Artwork File to Embroidery File

You're ready to order embroidered long sleeve polos for your crew. You have an artwork file for your business logo but you don't know if it will work for an embroidered logo. How is that determined? How does your artwork become translated into stitches embroidered on shirts?

Once your artwork is received by your embroiderer:
Its correctly sized for a left chest logo (2.5" - 4" wide depending on the design).
The resolution is checked to see if its clear enough to see the detail in the design. 
Adjustments are made if necessary. Changes can include eliminating small text or dividing small text into two lines so the font size can be increased. 
Your artwork file is used as a template to create a stitch file.  Stitches in different types, lengths and directions are assigned to the elements in your design.
Your digitized file (your artwork translated into stitches) is saved into an embroidery software format (so file edits can be made if necessary), an embroidery machine file and a digital proof file (often a jpeg or pdf) are also created. The proof file is sent to you.
Once you approve your digital proof then your order is scheduled to be run on an embroidery machine.

Need changes? The embroidery software file is modified and a new digital proof is created.  Once you approve your embroidery proof a new machine file is created and your custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts are scheduled to be embroidered.

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