Friday, March 4, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: What Size?

Aprons:  You've decided to purchase custom embroidered aprons for your staff.  What size should your logo be?  If your logo is fairly big, say 8" wide, it will be easily seen and make a definite statement but the set-up cost can be expensive.  If you plan to have shirts embroidered with the same logo and you're on a limited budget then a left chest-sized logo that works for both aprons and shirts may be the best choice.

Names: You've decided to have each employee's name embroidered on their shirts.  What about the sizing? Your embroiderer will size the names to the proper size. But, if you have a specific size preference then your embroiderer should be happy to follow it.

Sleeve Logos: Sleeve logos are usually smaller than left chest sizes logos because of the curvature of the sleeve.  A detailed left chest logo may be 4" wide but that size is too wide for most sleeve logos to be seen at one glance. Often a sleeve version of left chest logo can be created by eliminating the tag line and slightly down-sizing the logo.

Hats: Hat logos are usually restricted to 2.25" - 2.5" high.  This sizing works fine for most horizontally orientated logos but may not work for a vertically orientated logo.  In that case the logo must either be simplified or rearranged to work for the available space.

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