Sunday, March 20, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Stitch Count?

What's "stitch count"? You've probably heard that term if you've shopped for custom embroidered items. It refers to the number of stitches in an embroidered design.  Many embroiderers price embroidery based on the stitch count. The greater the number of stitches, the higher the price.

Does having a large stitch count indicate a better quality design? Not necessarily. While having a high stitch count may be required to create the detail in a design it can also indicate an inferior, "bullet-proof" design that may be uncomfortable to wear and won't lie flat on the garment especially after the item is washed.

Can the type of item being embroidered effect the stitch count? Yes, items like plush towels may require a higher stitch count to provide good design coverage while light weight items like thin T-shirts may require a lower stitch count.

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